One Day To Go!

After months and months of planning and counting the days, the time has finally come - we're leaving on our Aurora 2012 trip tomorrow evening! Gareth and I are incredibly excited, especially since it has been more than a year that we last set foot abroad and we are starting to show withdrawal symptoms!

Here is what is on our itinerary for the next three weeks:

Packing for the Arctic Circle
Since this is the first time we will be this high up north, we are very unsure of what to pack. Here is a list of clothes we will be taking with us to the Arctic Circle:

Hopefully that should be enough to keep us warm, but I will probably have some feedback when we return.

In addition, we will also be taking along the following electronic equipment:

Now all we need is for the weather to play along and those elusive auroras to make an appearance!

Since I am taking my laptop along (and if I have access to wi-fi in the Arctic Circle!) I fully intend to write blog posts while we are there, so expect some updates here and on Twitter and Instagram.

By this time on Friday we will already be in the northern hemisphere! Fingers crossed that we get to see this while we're there:

Image courtesy of Travellerpedia
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